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posted on: Friday, September 30, 2011

It all began with a cabinet.

The distressed green cabinet that Claire from one claire day bought long ago because she could picture it being in her child's room one day.

Now in pride of place in baby daughter Eulalie's space, Claire has filled the rest of the room with items she loves. Her favourite? The solid Jarrah cot she herself once slept in, made by her grandfather.

Eight month-old Eulalie's favourite thing? The pretty Mae wall stickers that she tries to peel off at changing time.

Story books in vintage suitcases are arranged at perfect baby height.

A lack of storage led Claire to get creative with branches and bows.

Tidy wall shelving and hooks provide a place to hang sweet baby threads.

who lives here?
Eulalie, 8 months in Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

Dreamy, nostalgic and sustainable. Claire gathered items that she was drawn to over time and collected various pieces from local markets and thrift stores.

The floor cushions and cot canopy were from Far Pavilions, the Indian fabric lantern was from a local market, the curtains and elephant cushion were from Tree of Life, the wall decals were from Mae, the rug belonged to Claire's mum, the branches, bunting, and wall decal were all made by Claire and 'Carmel' the camel was from Tell a Tale (you can email Stylishh here for more camel details).

"We painted the whole house Dulux Antique White USA, it's the perfect chalky white blank canvas for decorating."

The green cabinet was from The Bower, the change table is a HEMNES from Ikea, the white shelf with basket storage was from Freedom Furniture and the cot is an heirloom handmade from Jarrah.

The cot made for infant Claire by her grandfather has been saved for little Eulalie.

Claire and her husband made the branch curtain rail and clothes rail, and Claire made the 'Eulalie' wall decal and the mini bunting using this tutorial from Little House Blog. They also restored the cot after it had been kept in storage for many years.

"Figuring out how best to use the space -- the layout of the room has changed numerous times until we settled on a layout that best utilised the space and showcased each item in the room. Storage is also an issue as there isn't any built in wardrobes, hence two chest of drawers and a tree branch!"

best buys
"The pendant light was $10AUD from a market. The suitcases were $5AUD each and make for excellent haphazard book storage. A lot of the little trinkets are vintage so were found really cheaply at second hand stores and op shops."

baby space fave
So many things about this space are inherently local -- the dreamy, nostalgic atmosphere created as well as the actual products. Could we say this is the new Australian style? I think so.

top tip
Claire says, "Don't get too caught up in trying to theme. Just fill it with the things you love, ultimately if you love everything in the room, they should work together harmoniously to create a personal, fun and beautiful space. I also found it much easier to decorate after I met my baby and got to know her -- it felt much more meaningful decorating that way, even if it meant having a half done room for eight months."

Thanks so much Claire and Eulalie for sharing your space with baby space!


  1. The branch has me sold. Ingenius!! Love this room.

  2. This room is so cute...I also love the Mae stickers infact I got some for my son's room...including the deer pictured here only to find out that it might be more suitable for a girl's room. But then again, I don't really care, it's pretty that's all it counts!

  3. I just LOVE this room! so gorgeous :) Everything is inspiring~ i'll have to bookmark it for reference


  4. *swoon* This room is seriously divine! Everywhere you look, beautiful pieces and vintage touches.

  5. Mariella - I nabbed the pretty floral swallows by Mae for the preschooler's room/nursery makeover. He loves them :)

  6. I love every single detail about this room...amazing!

  7. Such a beautiful room!! Everything is pulled together so well and I especially love that it's not all mixy-matchy. It has real character. Thanks for sharing x

  8. Ah, yes this is a beautiful room....she's a pretty talented lady, that Claire!

  9. Thanks so much Bron for featuring Eulalie's room, it's a gorgeous post.

    I love that you think it feels Australian. I feel the same way :)

    Claire x

  10. This room is pure magic!!! It is so so cute. I love those Mae stickers too! I love everything they have! I was actually wanting to do a post on them.

  11. i love how soft it is, it's perfect for a baby :):)

  12. So sweet! I especially love love that cushion corner! That will get so much use and looks so lovely and comfy. I love how eclectic this room is. So gorgeous!

  13. so beautiful. one day I hope to have a pretty little nursery like this xox

  14. I love that green cabinet. I have an old dark wood one I want to paint in a similar finish if I could just work out that colour.


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