inspired by : living lego

posted on: Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mix vintage florals with contemporary classics and personal trinkets to create a playful space that will delight kiddos of all ages. Think handmade softies, fun Lego storage and family photos pinned on twine.

Have your Lego cake and eat it too with this delicious recipe.

Timber boxes make great storage for tiny Lego pieces and are great for balancing fantastic plastic with a natural warmth.

Have you seen issue four of La Petite Magazine? A lovely round-up of Norwegian mum Randi's handiwork, edited by the talented La Petite crew.

Just add water to bring a dose of cheer to every packed lunch. From approx $17 AUD from UK-based store, Firebox.

And if you fancy, you can peruse some more Lego inspiration on baby space here.


  1. What a gorgeous and colourful room! This is such a great blog, I'm very glad I found it. I also have to say that you are quite the stunner, pregnancy clearly becomes you! x

  2. LOVE this room, definitely a post I am bookmarking to refer to again. So many great ideas, I really love the idea of the fold down desk. It is a room any child would love to be in with lots to look at and is nice and personal. The trinket box display is very cute (I am waiting for one to arrive from the US for Grace's room at the moment).

  3. Che turns four in a few weeks and he's lego obsessed. Thank you so very much for writing this post!

  4. The shadow box and lego cake are keepers for me. Those shadow boxes are very hard to find. I keep trawling the oppies in hope. Such lovely posts.

  5. wow. gorgeous rooms and lots of ideas to steal from here for decking out the kids rooms in the new house.


  6. that lego cake is the cutest, goodness!

  7. Super cool! I saw on Zulily a few days ago the Lego Watches. Gotta love Lego!

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