wee style: bobby brady

posted on: Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The baby space preschooler is really into his threads. He loves nothing more than wearing flares and skivvys and laying them out the night before day-care so he can admire his selection. His latest request was a pair of overalls so he could look like this guy.

Overalls not really being the 'it' item for preschool boys this winter, we jumped online and he chose his first vintage clothing piece from Etsy. But while he wants to look like Bob the Builder, these wee items put my mind to a different television Bob ;)

How 'bout you? Do you love dressing your wee ones or yourself in vintage? And do your kiddos have very particular tastes like the preschooler?

p.s You can find more Bobby Brady-inspired goodies in this baby space Etsy Treasury if you'd like.

1. Vintage Little Kenevil bib overalls. 2. '70s striped tee shirt 3. '70s denim flares 4. Vintage dark blue corduroy overalls 5. Vintage striped toddler turtleneck. Image of Mike Lookinland as Bobby Brady from TVLand.


  1. That is beyond adorable! Oh my.. hope he can take off those overalls by himself to go to the washroom at daycare. lol. That's the only thing I don't like about overalls and 1 pieces. I'm sure Baby Space preschooler looks super cute though!

  2. Loving the overalls! Totally the style I'm going for when I buy clothing for the baby. Just adore vintage, retro and 70s style on boys!

  3. I LOVE wearing vintage! And it looks great on the little ones!

  4. I love your selection! Hilarious and groovy. Very well done, Bron. You can't fault a stripy shirt.

  5. Okay ooo sooo cute. I love a little guy in overalls. My son had quite a few pair to play outside in:)

  6. oh these are all sooo cute! cant wait for you to find out what your having!!1


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