the bump : 21 weeks

posted on: Friday, August 26, 2011

the baby space bump. taken at our local beach.

So we're past the halfway mark and I'm feeling goood. Mid-second trimester may be the perfect pregnancy time. All is well and the baby space baby is kicking it up -- not enough to keep me awake at night but just enough to let me know when it's awake. (Mostly in the evenings and at meal time. I remember the preschooler did the same thing :) The anxiety of the early days has gone but I'm still physically comfortable.

I can't believe that in just over four months I will really have a brand new baby. When does it stop feeling surreal? I think not until after the birth -- even when it's number three! I'm trying to imagine and remember all the dynamics that come with a newborn. Will I want lots of company after the birth, or not?

Recently the gorgeous, and always hilarious, Bridget, gave birth to wee Parker and posted a funny list of tips for visiting new mums. I LOVE this list so I thought I'd share it with you too.

How to be the perfect house guest to a new mum
by bridget from tales of me and the husband

Numero uno.
If you are sick, stay home. That means you, sickie. The new mum will hear that cough, sniffle, sneeze even if you don't and she will give you the evil eye as you fill her sanitized home with germs. So, leave your dinner and gift on the doorstep and don't you even think about entering that house. Don't you do it!

Numero dos.
Don't show up unannounced. She might be right in the middle of a difficult feed and lo and behold you end up seeing way more than you intended and she's been through the ringer so she's most likely entirely unaware (or plain old doesn't care) that she just flashed you. So, give her a call. And on that phone call see if she needs you to pick anything up. Diapers... wipes... snacks... eggs... wine... vodka... beer... where was I?

Numero tres.
Pamper mum. Give her some water, some cut up veggies, some Trader Joe's peanut butter cups (they happen to be my favourite)... you get the picture. Even consider getting your license in massage therapy before coming and put that to good use.

Numero cuatro.
Wash your hands. Then wash them again. If they happen to bump the doorway when you're leaving the kitchen just after washing them, turn around and redo it. If you answer your cell phone after washing them, get your butt back in there and wash them again. If you rub your nose, touch your ear, eyebrow, or hair, wash them again. They should be red, raw, and cracking when you leave. This is entirely an exaggeration that I had a lot of fun writing.

Numero cinco.
Don't kiss the baby on the lips. Or face. Come on people, we know better, right?

Numero seis.
Don't bring your small children. As my sister put it, they are filthy creatures. Sweet, innocent, tender, yes. But filthy.

Numero siete.
Ask what you can do. Laundry? Filling the dishwasher? Painting the house? Washing the windows? Cleaning the chimney? Ya know. Little things.

Numero ocho.
Bring a meal and some snacks. She will love you forever.

Numero nueve.
Take a cue from mum. If she seems tired, spent... get your butt outta there fast. Don't forget to vacuum on your way out.

He, he. Thanks so much to Bridget for sharing this. Do you have any rules you'd like to add? I'd love to hear!


  1. You look fabulous, Bron! Such an exciting time. Love the tips, too!

  2. You do fabulous! So chic. I would have to add to Bridget's great list not to offer up the saying "just let me know if you need anything". The last thing a new mom wants to do is schedule her own visitors and help. CALL YOURSELF, and schedule a set time, or set thing that you're going to do and don't leave it up to her.
    Can you tell that one really gets to me?:)

  3. lol this list is hilarious. and you look so stylish! love that pic of you :)

  4. You're keeping so well Bron, you look great! I love seeing your bump photos. Bridget's list is awesome, I wish there was some way of making sure every visitor had read it :) This time round, if a visitor asks 'is there anything I can do?' when they visit, I'm going to be sure to take them up on their offer :)

  5. that list! I didn't think the whole whing was real until I had the baby, but it was number one, so that's another thing.
    Oh, and you look amazing!! Really beautiful!

  6. Helloooo!
    Nice to see you and a sweet belly!

    Little things????? : " Painting the house? Washing the windows? Cleaning the chimney? " ohhh no. Please just do it coffe or tea, and help your self out. I think that's a small things you can do.

  7. You look sensational! Enjoy these last few months... the list is hilarious! x

  8. As I say every week you look beautiful! Really you do! Love the background in this weeks photo especially!
    2ndly I nearly died reading the new baby rules! I really think we should have sanitation tents set up outside the house ESPECIALLY if you are having a baby in the dead of winter. Some people are just too unaware.

  9. Love this list, hilarious! And the bump at 21 weeks is a beauty! I wore practically this exact outfit (except with a tartan shirt) about 2 days ago. Loving the style! xx

  10. That list was too funny! and you look so great :)


  11. You pretty much said what i could not effectively communicate. +1

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  12. i love how you said 'brand new baby' hahaha :):) it makes me laugh for some reason!

  13. Looking gorgeous as ever:)

    And yes...I love this list Bridget. I have to agree!
    I loved when people just told me when they would be coming to help instead of asking what a good time was!


  14. congratulations, and you look gorg :)

  15. Forget Angelina & Kate whoever, Bron.. you are the most stylish and beautiful mom-to-be-again I know! Wowsa.

  16. Love reading all your comments and additions to the list!

    I have to tell you that the baby space man read this list and does not agree at all :) He is of the school that germs build immunity...

  17. Hi Bron,
    You look so great, love the list, enjoy this special time xx


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