the bump : 19 weeks

posted on: Friday, August 12, 2011

the baby space bump at 19 weeks and four days. photo by the baby space teen who was much relieved to be off the road and in the park this week.

19 weeks was last Friday so actually I'm coming up to the halfway point and that calls for a nice sit-down in the green, green grass :) Despite the deceptive angle of this snap, things are really starting to grow in the baby space camp. And if you've blogged about this weighty topic lately, chances are I've already chimed in about my own tendency to pile on the pounds during pregnancy. Yep, I put on 22kg with the teen and 30kg with the preschooler.

Wary of the same fate befalling me again, this time I've taken extra precautions by sticking to super-healthy foods and doing regular exercise. How is this working out for me? It's pretty challenging actually. Even though I feel really well, I find myself thinking about food all the time. AND I'm still putting on quite a bit of weight. (In this pic I'm mostly sitting on it.)

Apparently one's metabolism speeds up while growing a wee person but I'm pretty sure mine comes to a screeching halt. I suspect my body really thinks the wee bub will starve if it doesn't hoard every calorie. Sigh. But of course this is a small price to pay for the privilege (and it does feel like a privilege to me, do you feel that way too?) of growing a new baby that in just five months will be coming to join our very excited family.

Oh, and we had THE scan and are still none the wiser. Boy? Girl? The preschooler is all set for him to join his 'group', while the teen has declared that she can join his group. Right now all we know is that it's looking like a perfectly healthy little baby space mango. Or perhaps a rockmelon. Love.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. what a cute picture! I am in the seventh month of my second pregnancy and can relate completely to what you say...(especially the weight part). I am only two months away and sometimes I ask myself where did this pregnancy go?? I feel like I didn't give it too much attention as the first one, maybe because I have a 20 months old to run after....

  2. u look so gorgeous and i'm feeling huge:-). exercise has been on my mind, but haven't really been able to accomplish that routinely. however, my 2 year old keeps me moving all day-no joke! i'm exhausted by the time i place him to bed and of course all i want to do is sleep. also, i don't usually eat sweets, let alone ice cream, but i crave ice cream so badly these days. i have to be very careful about how much i consume:-). i know you're super excited as am i! xx

  3. Gorgeous photo! I had my 30 week obstetrician appointment today, can't believe I only have 9 and a bit weeks to go, I already feel huge!! I know what you mean about constantly grazing on food all day too, I'm always snacking. Glad all went well at your scan. I remember feeling so happy to have crossed the 'halfway point' x

  4. A beautiful bump picture. You're being so good with all the exercise. I need to be doing my pilates a bit more strictly I think. Especially when we're back from holiday and i've eaten my body weight in fudge and ice cream!

    I'm feeling much more confident in my growing shape as time goes on, I can't believe we're nearly halfway there!

    Have a lovely week, and take care of that belly xx

  5. You look absolutely stunning! Pregnancy really suits you!!

  6. Ooh amazing pic of you! Pounds mean nothing as it just slips off after the bambino is out. lol. Besides, you really do look amazing. Have a great weekend famille Baby Space!

  7. You look adorable! And don't you worry about the weight thing at all! I gained 42lbs with Stella and 50lbs with Ruby! (Ruby I did all the right things eat healthy exercised, it just didn't matter!) But nearly 8 months postpartum I have lost 55lbs... and counting!

  8. You look dreadfully glam... you put me to shame and I am not pregnant!! I feel slightly whimsical -- Elliott is about to turn one and this time last year I was 39 weeks pregnant and it was so lovely... sigh. Enjoy every moment x

  9. looking gorgeous in stripes. my baby boy is 14 months now and i still have some work to do to shift a couple of lingering kilos!

  10. this article is very nice and the picture is also beautiful. I have enjoyed my time.


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