room for kids : books and pigs and vintage things

posted on: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tina the Traveling Mama of Flying House recently created a wonderful space for her two boys aged 6 and 2 years-old. The boys' favourite part of their new room? Their matching beds.

The sun-drenched reading-nook is perfect for curling up with a picture book or three. Says Tina, "English books (and plenty now in Danish, Spanish, French, and Arabic) fill almost every inch, but books are kind of one of those things that you just cannot live without, if you ask me."

A sweet orange piggy bank from Tina's husband's boyhood cuddles up to a Moroccan picnic basket.

Artwork by Sarah Jane Studios and Studio Mela sit beside some of Tina's favourite childhood books and a flea-market-find mini suitcase.

A Moroccan cabinet brought from their last place of residence (Morocco of course!) adds Arabic interest to their new Danish space.

A Matte Stephens print joins the boys' artwork above the children's Ikea kitchen.


Cheerful retro-love meets practical purpose.

who lives here?
Parker, 6 and Landon, 2 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The bedding is by Dwell Studio for Target, the kitchen and the blue plastic piggy bank were from Ikea, the Elephant mobile (pictured below) was from Flensted, all other items were vintage or collected on their travels.

Olephant foil mobile by Flensted.

"We went with white walls because we love the crisp, clean, and soothing feel it brings to the room."

The beds were from Ikea, the chair was from Bo Concept and the bookshelf was left behind by the previous tenants.

Tina repainted the rocking horse, which she bought for just 30 kroner -- approx $5 USD.

"My husband made the shelf above the boys’ beds and I’m currently working on handmade quilts for their beds."

Crafty Tina made the cute green car/pig cushion that sits atop the boys' toy chest.

best buys

"The 'best buys' came from Grandma’s closet! Bringing some of our own toys and linens from our childhood not only brought character to the room, but it also brought sentimental value and an instant feeling of home, which is very important when you move to your third foreign country!"

top tip
Tina says, "Buy toys that also double as art/décor. It saves money and space."

Thanks so much Tina, Parker and Landon for sharing your space with baby space!


  1. I'm obsessed. Well done!Love the beds against the white walls!

  2. Love all these great photos! thanks for sharing :)

  3. Truly beautiful, love the crochet blanket xo

  4. i have to save this post, it's just the kind of style i'd love my future kids room to have!

  5. i love everything about their room! how cool it is to be able to have stuff there from all of the parent's (and kids') travels, and then to be able to have stuff from grandma's closet too! it's just lovely. and those books!!!

  6. I really like this room because it has so much personality and functionality. It looks really child friendly and actually like a child could,would and does live there.
    Fee xx


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