inspired by : industrial chic

posted on: Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Juxtapose the hardy workmanship of industrial pieces with the casual luxury of soft ivory furnishings for a space that's practical to use and comfortable to relax in.

I recently found one of these spools on my street -- I think I'll paint the top with chalkboard paint for the baby space preschooler so he can draw up a storm. Would you repurpose found pieces for your wee one? Or do you prefer new?

image via modern handmade child and lila & tom.


  1. ooo I love that!!! lucky you :) I would way rather re-use and repurpose, then by new.

  2. Oh love it!!! Repurpose all the way!! I want one ;-).

  3. I want to find one on my street! Love!

  4. what is that amazing floor made of underneath?

  5. Adorable! I wouldn't mind having one of those spools for my workspace!


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