the bump : 17 weeks

posted on: Thursday, July 28, 2011

the baby space bump. photo by the baby space teen, who (much to his embarrassment) had to stand in the middle of the street to snap it.

This week I dreamed, in contrast to my other dream, that everyone was telling me the ultrasound showed a girl. What does this mean? Um, most likely nothing. But it's interesting how much emphasis we put on gender (myself included) isn't it?

I found the story about the Canadian couple who aren't revealing the sex of their child really interesting, but what I found most fascinating was not that they chose to keep it private, but that when they did, it became a worldwide story. Really?

But hey, when it comes to speculating about the gender and sex of my own unborn child, I am all about it.
In fact, speculating about almost anything to do with my unborn child is an (almost) endless source of interest to me. What colour eyes will they have? What will their personality be like? It's the unknown, it's a surprise, and it's fun. Whatever the answer, will I value them more or less? No. Will I treat them differently? I hope not.

The always fabulous Jo just did a fun post about finding out the sex and I love how the parents-to-be in the video came up with such an inventive way of hearing and telling their news, and how excited they were.

Next week we have our 18 week scan and I'm pretty excited myself. But this time we're not finding out if the wee baby space baby is a boy or a girl. (Which won't stop me from scrutinizing the pics to see what I can make out!)

Yep, after finding out with the teen and the preschooler, I'd like this one to be a surprise. Also, you know, I'm pretty sure it's a boy ;)

How about you? What do you think about keeping a child's sex private? And did you/will you find out the sex of your wee ones pre-birth?

p.s You can read the Canadian mum's original article here.


  1. You are the cutest mommy-to-be!! I am so mad at you for not finding out next week! Your readers need to know! Fine. I need to know. Ha
    As you know I found out with both girls. I cannot wait. I even convinced my OB to scan me at 16 weeks with Ruby. I said that I was really worried about Stella and what she was going to do if the baby was not a girl- that is bc she was telling EVERYONE that I had her baby sister in my tummy. Well, that Stella was right! Ask the preschooler what the baby is... the woman who scanned me at my real 20wk apt said that 9 times out of 10 the sibling knows what the baby is. On pins and needles!

  2. Sorry Marla ;) Will have to tell you what I *think* I see on the scan!
    I asked the preschooler -- he is convinced it's a boy!

  3. well, I could never say you have a teen running around somewhere, you don't look too far removed from teenhood yourself :)

    enjoy this time. it is so fleeting, as you know and are probably being told obsessively.

    but really, the waiting and guessing is the best part. of course, I would never be able to commit to not finding out. EVER, I must know it all and now...

    its great seeing your updates :)

  4. I'm expecting my first child, the plan was to not know the gender but as time was coming closer to the 20 wk scan, I just couldn't help my self - I was just to curious to wait.
    And mine is a boy - I also have what my mum calles a 'boy belly' as I'm just carrying in the front - much like you.....

    But I guess it's different for me since it's my first - perhaps the second or third time is more exciting to wait.

    PS when my sister was waiting her first, the midwife was 100% sure it was a boy but it was a girl! So not even the experienced ones are right all the time.

  5. You look stunning! I'm totally the opposite. I didn't find out what I was having for my first two, daughter-22 and son-19 but I had to know for my 23 month old daughter, I just had to know!

  6. wowza, hello hot mama! Bron, you look simply amazing! What a gorgeous outfit and a lovely photo (well done teen!). I think it's great that you are not finding out the gender of the baby. We didn't and it was the best surprise ever (obvisouly!). It just makes the pregnancy all the more exciting and gives you extra motivation when going into labour! ha.
    Bisous gorgeous lady.

  7. you are the cutest. i'm definitely finding out the sex of my baby, i would hate waiting to know, haha! i'm impatient, and i need to plan for things like clothes and i need color ideas!

  8. This photo is sooo cute! I love the outfit! The perfect pregnancy photo :)

  9. you're one hot mama to be! loving the outfit too! xx

  10. You look amazing! We haven't found out the sex of our baby and to be honest, I have no strong feelings as to which gender he/she will be :) I'm decorated our nursery in neutral colours though so there's no great necessity to find out and I like to think of keeping it a surprise. Hope you're feeling well x

  11. First of you, you rock pregnancy!! I was always a huge fat blimp & anything which touched my tummy made my 9 months of morning sickness 24/7 so much worst, oh, glad those days are behind me. I love my babies, just not pregnancy. I didn't find out for ANY of my babies, not even after 3 girls, first up, not a whole lot you can do, it's a pretty genderless society now anyway & i think you can plan too far ahead with hopes & dreams before they even come out. I actually find it a bit creepy when people refer to their baby by name before it's born?? My trick, don't discuss names until you've named the baby, done & dusted, so no one can put you off.
    Special kudos to your teen for snapping you in public & risking car carnage, my children don't even ask why i'm taking photos anymore. Pats to belly!! Love Posie

  12. LOVE hearing what you all did/didn't find out!

    So little update from me: I haven't had the scan yet but I had THE dream. (You know how some dreams are more 'knowing' than others? I had the same type of dream the morning of the 20 week ultrasound for the preschooler, which told me definitively that he was a boy.)

    Anyway. I am now 90% sure it's a wee baby space BOY in there! 3 boys. 4 if you count the baby space man. Oh. My.

    Heidi -- of course I could be wrong like your sister's midwife! We'll all see in 5 months :)

  13. Lovely lovely picture. It's so cool that we're pretty much the same time along. Along, gotta to say, your bump pictures are far better than mine so far. I need to get more happy at having my picture taken and the boy needs to get better at taking them!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, as it led me back to yours and i'll most definitely be back to watch your progress! xx

    ps. we're not finding out the sex either. Ben's had the "it's a boy" dream, but i'm yet to have one. It's just a feeling! x

  14. You are such a radiant mama to be! I absolutely love the dress!
    What an exciting time! We didn't find out the gender of our first and did for the second, and each was such a fun experience.
    Wishing you a smooth rest of your pregancy!

  15. I'm a new follower. :) First - congrats! I'm preggo with my first, currently 25 weeks along. We did find out the sex at 20 week, mostly because the curiosity was killing us!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  16. lovely photo! just gorgeous!

    I don't think that i would be able to keep the gender of my future children a secret. i couldnt STAND the idea of being able to know but not knowing... haha! i also hate surprises of any kind. this makes me sound a bit crazy! haha!

    kel x

  17. congrats Bron, you look beautiful.
    what a styln' mama!!
    looking forward to following your progress
    x cinti

  18. ps. Thanks for your lovely comment lady. It's good to know you're feeling the same and going through it all as I am! Like you say, when those bubs are placed in our arms we won't care about any of it!
    Hope you and the bean are doing well this week. Are you feeling any movement yet? xx

  19. OH my goodness but are you ever the stylish pregno mom! Wow, you look amazing! Hope you're feeling good.. you sure look good!
    btw, have I mentioned you look amazing? lol.

  20. oh i just love all your colors! you look so lovely and happy! loving the baby bump!

    i can't believe the will power you have for not finding out the gender of your cutie patootie bump! i found out rowan's gender (at a remarkably early 13 weeks!), mostly because i wanted a girl and i thought i might be disappointed if i didn't know the sex the whole time and then birthed a boy. of course that's a bunch of hogwash nonsense, because after you birth a healthy baby, i don't know if it's possible to be disappointed. but it was my first time, and i was scared of that possibility. and now i couldn't imagine it any other way!!!

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