the bump : 13 weeks

posted on: Friday, July 1, 2011

the baby space bump. photo by the baby space teen (such a good sport!).

So actually 13 weeks was last week but that's ok right? While I felt bleurgh from weeks 6 -10 I'm now feeling great, enjoying healthy foods like salads again -- which I could barely look at in the first trimester -- and having a good online shop around for maternity clothes (hello!). Of course I've started a wee bit of nesting; hauling the furniture around in the preschooler's room trying to decide on the best configuration for two, and considering bed options like the top image here with a kind of custom-made bunk and cot at the bottom. What do you think?

And by the way, have you seen this handy fruit chart? Such a cute way to picture how big the baby is. (Also, photographer Carolee Beckham has created a fabulous series chronicling her bump with fruit or veg in matching sizes.)

At 13 weeks the little thing is the size of a peach. Sweet.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Is that you Bron?

    Why are you so pretty?! You look gorgeous. Like Wonder Woman! That little peach is going to have wonderful genes!

    Truly, a beautiful photo. I'm so glad pregnancy is now enjoyable for you. Nothing can describe morning sickness and early pregnancy awfulness.

  2. Hi Bron,

    You look amazing, I wish I looked that good pregnant (or not pregnant too)! The second trimester is yummy-enjoy it. Have a great weekend. Emma.

  3. Carmel and Emma -- you are both so kind! I was a bit shy about posting myself but I love following others' maternity series, I go. Pregnant in public ;)

  4. What a gorgeous mumma to be you are with your cute bump! Love the cot/bed combo idea and that baby fruit timeline is great - apparently I have an eggplant inside me at the moment :) Glad you are feeling well, I too felt so much better after those initial few months x

  5. Oh, Bron, you gorgeous girl! I am so delighted to finally see you but to hear your news is just the icing on the cake. I'm so thrilled for you. And I agree with Carmel and Emma - you look sensational! J x

  6. so very excitingggg!!! you are so cute :)

  7. Thanks Bron for your comment over at my blog. I only realised you popped passed today :D I have been a little lazy keeping up with blogging. Congrats on the baby!! You look beautiful. I am due in 4 weeks (first time). I thoroughly enjoy your blog and the treasure trove of inspiration you have on here to share. Keep it up :D

  8. that has got to be the cutest bump i've e.v.e.r. seen. you look so beautiful.

  9. you look gorgeous! Congratulations on your pregnancy - that's quite an impressive little bump for 13 weeks! :) xx

  10. oh look how cute you are and how perfect your bump is!!! i really do love following baby bumps. so happy that you are feeling better and able to eat again, and yummy salads at that!

    i really love all the bedroom setups you shared, but that bunk style one just looks like so much fun. what a great idea to have curtains!

  11. Chronicling proved to be very interesting and grasping to follow! The photographer's idea is really admirable!)


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