room for two : bright on white

posted on: Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Since I first pondered the idea of a room for two (and now that I will need a room for two!) I've been hunting and gathering tips, trying to decide what will work best in the preschooler's teeny, tiny space.

In the small bunk space above, bold colours and patterns have been embraced with the use of patchwork. Repeating fabrics in both the quilts and the bunk curtains maintain a sense of cohesion while the painted white walls and bed frame create a calm, unified base.

i heart baby

Here is a simple idea perfectly realised. Matching beds and shared bunting for symmetry, contrasting bright bed linen and toy storage for individuality and classic initials above the beds. The collection of cosy pillows in different colours but replicating shapes adds to the sense of harmony. (The peace banner doesn't hurt either.)

slices of beauty

Beds arranged head to tail allow for all-important playing space. Again a base of white -- this time on the walls, curtains, shelving and bed-frames serve as a canvas for the brilliant rainbow striped rug and rainbow bunting. The netting over the bed seamlessly ties together the materials and shapes of the bunting and the window drapes. The effect? Pure whimsy.

What do you think? Have any must-know tips for two? I'd love to hear!


  1. No tips here, but I have to say that I love them all. DYING for the bunks and the playroom/bedroom. Ruby has a tiny room and I was trying to figure out how to make more of the space and I think I got some good ideas! Thanks!!

  2. aw these are such cute rooms :)

  3. great ideas with efficient use of the space! beautiful rooms too!

  4. How cute your ideas and very artistic. Awesome!

  5. I love your choices Bron. I especially love the last one. I grew up sharing the same room as my older sister. We first had bunk beds which I loved! But toppled out of many times from the top (hehe). My parents bought 2 of everything: bed, desks, lamps. It was pretty generic. Hopefully your little one will voice his opinion and you will decorate with him. Have fun decorating!

  6. Glad you love these too :)
    Marla - those bunks are the best for a small space aren't they?
    Chantale - thanks for your tip! The preschooler has *plenty* of decorating ideas. They usually involve the purchasing of many, many more stuffed animals ;)

  7. Do you know where the original source is for the bunkbed shot?!?! It's stunning!

  8. Rebekah -- I wish I knew! It looks Scandinavian to me. Have you taken a look at any of the Paumes children's rooms books? The text is in Japanese but the images are magical with some spaces that have a similar feel as the wee bunks. You could also consider getting something like that custom made (I'm considering it!).

  9. Thanks Bron! :) My hubby is a woodwork teacher and pretty handy so I think when we have two little ones sharing a room I will put him to work!
    Will check out those suggestions! :) x


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