one for me please : the right kind of label

posted on: Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back when I was first preparing the preschooler to start day care, I perused kids mags and websites looking for the perfect labels for his clothes, bags, lunch boxes and little toys.

Finding labels that met my his cute + affordable + functional needs took a while (have I mentioned I'm very picky?) but eventually I came up with these.

Being the er, discerning person that I am, I spent ages deciding on the colour combination plus icon for his labels. The star or the penguin? Red, orange or blue? Oh the choices!

So when Bright Star Kids became a baby space sponsor recently I was cheering. We already use their labels on the preschooler's, well, everything. My fave buy is the Preschool & Daycare Labels kit: a wee pack with labels in a variety of shapes and sizes and suitable for everything from pencils and drink bottles to blankets and bags. It also includes a generous supply of these shoe stickers in the shape of feet. Aren't they the cutest? And so nifty when sorting the preschooler's shoes out from the bunch at going home time.

p.s Also, as an aside, can I mention how cool it is that clothing labels have changed so much in the past 13 years?! When the baby space teen needed labels for his tiny items back in the 90s they were very boring: white with black writing and they fell off his clothes. Not so now :)


  1. They are cool. I like how you've just used Max's first name. That's a good idea for kindy. I'll remember that.

  2. Speaking of packing the little one off to daycare, would you happen to favour any particular online store for little backpacks? Must deliver all the way to Canada :) thanks a ton

  3. Oh these are so cool! Love them. We have Mabel's Labels here in Canada that I have yet to order from. lol. But my friend uses them on everything for her son. I sadly just use a Sharpie! Your labels looks so much cooler than my Sharpie scribbles!

  4. They are great labels! Enjoy your week. Emma.

  5. OH I HAVE TO HAVE THOSE FEET ONES. Ok. Just bought them. You rock! Thanks for this post. its a HUGE help xoxo
    PS how are you feeling??

  6. They're great aren't they?
    NK -- I'll email you with my fave bags of the moment :)

  7. Love you Bron!! Thanks again!


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