fun stuff : when the preschooler dresses himself

posted on: Saturday, June 11, 2011

He was channelling Sportacus apparently.

Does your wee one fixate on a character that he or she MUST dress like? (Please say I am not the only one who has to wait till their preschooler has fixed their outfit 'just so' before leaving the house!)

p.s If you
follow me on Twitter or Instagram you've already seen this moment -- do you use Instagram? I'm really appreciating the nifty filters.

Striped long-sleeved shirt, light blue collared shirt, striped belt and crimson boots from Cotton On Kids, green pants from Bonds, hat from Gumboots. Robot pose from the preschooler.


  1. Too cute. Sometimes I wish I could channel Sportacus. He's amazing!

  2. Preschooler is awesome. I just cannot tell you how much this makes me smile!

  3. We love Lazytown!! Does he ever look awesome cool! Ooh yes, of course there is plenty of dress up and wannabe like dressing happening here too. But now, it's mostly a lot of the talk/walk, dancing/singing gotta-be-like that happens more often. ;p
    He is one super cutie Baby Space kiddo!

  4. Haha that is soo funky & your preschooler certainly rocks! You sure he wasn't channeling Micheal Jackson or maybe Justin Timberlake?
    I think his style is awesome and individual just like he is.
    Fee xx


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