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posted on: Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Please welcome one of our lovely new baby space contributors, Nicole Rosenburg from Little Liberty.

The shelving unit holds an array of vintage and vintage-inspired finds in bright tones of red and blue.

Paddington Bear was one of the first additions to the room and he sits proudly above the shelving unit. The old suitcase, the wheelbarrow and the toffee tin were found at Mill Market in Daylesford.

I’m obsessed with all things vintage at the moment (I think everyone is!) and so I decided to theme our son Archie’s room around strong colours, old world charm and modern vintage pieces.

who lives here?
Archie, one and half years old in Malvern East, Victoria, Australia.

I source items from all over the world - Etsy is one of my favourite place to find one-off handmade pieces. I also purchased some items from Parenthood and Supply & Demand.

The cot was purchased from Kiddy Country, the shelving unit from Ikea and the change table and toy box was custom made.

best buys
The cushions for the toy box at $20 AUD each, and the road runner vintage clock on the shelving unit for $40 AUD.

The cushions on the toy box have extra special meaning as they feature Archie's birth date.

The wheelbarrow and the toffee tin were found at Mill Market in Daylesford -- a great place for vintage trash and treasure.

nicole's fave
Two of my favourite pieces in the room are his wooden animal mobile and bus roll sign that decorate his change table area. Since its not the most pleasant of areas at all times, it’s nice to have pieces that distract from the stench!

top tip
I think choosing a colour scheme and sticking to it is quite important - it really gives the room a cohesive feel.

And last but not least is Archie's personalised plane decal which takes him up up and away for his aeronautical dreams at night.


  1. totally gorgeous!
    vintage & modernly practical- a perfect combo!

    melissa x

    p.s Bron- i.m looking forward to putting together a few thoughts for you...xx

  2. gorgeous! i have so many ideas to decorate a little girls room and it is lovely to start being inspired about a little boys room (one day... haha)!

    kel x

  3. what a beautiful room - love the colours together so classic!

  4. those toy soldiers are so cute!
    love the theme!

  5. I love this room!! Those toy soldiers, both the wooden and the fabric ones are adorable and the a-z wall hanging is something I've admired in home magazines before, perfect for a nursery.

  6. What a gorgeous room! I love the colour scheme and how there is so much to see and delight in! Welcome to Nicole to Baby Space! Can't wait to see what else she has in store for us. btw, Nicole, you are sooo talented. Loved peeking over at your blog too.

  7. swoon! I love love love Paddington Bear. I got chills over this!

  8. oooooh! i love archie's room! and paddington bear is one of my childhood faves too! i also love his name :)

  9. What a beautiful and cosy room! And the Paddington Bear, amazing! I love blue+red+white for decoration.
    Best regards from Barcelona!

  10. Bravo, Nicole - what a splendid start for your first post! Archie's room is divine. You've done a star job. I'll be intrigued to see how his room evolves as he grows older.

    Oh, and would you mind sharing where you bought the last decal? What a gorgeous idea - something I'd like to incorporate on Planet Baby. J x

    PS I'm now following you ☺.

  11. What a sweet room and I love Paddington Bear:) Have a great day, my dear

  12. Thanks for all your wonderful comments! Apologies if your comment has disappeared...a couple were eaten by the blogger problem last week :(

  13. Oh love toy soldiers, lucky me, has a real life grown up one too. Love Posie

  14. Love the letters above de crib. Where did you get them?

  15. Hi Mica,

    You can purchase the wooden alphabet through me actually - they are $100.00 - let me know if you want one - email me at

    thanks for your comment!

  16. Nice baby toys collection. Thanks for your great jobs.


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