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posted on: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Do you find your wee one's space cluttered with tiny figurines that have no home? Or do you find yourself compulsively collecting snow globes only to find you have nowhere to put them? (No? That's just me? Hmm.)

jojos room

Vintage typesetter boxes may be the answer. Rare though they seem to be in the Sydney area, they are a perfectly tasteful solution to kitsch collecting compulsions and homeless children's characters. Secure a large box to the wall above your wee one's desk and your kiddos can pop their playmates back in their cubby holes at the end of playtime.


Typesetter boxes can also add a funky industrial edge in the grownup's living area (as I noticed in this month's issue of Inside Out magazine).

How about you? Do you you have any vintage typesetter boxes adorning your walls? (And if you're in the Sydney area can you recommend a place to find one? Do tell!) See here and here for more baby space typesetter style.


  1. Oh I love these! But wouldn't want to get one as my girl would only keep filling each cubby hole up. lol. I love that first photo..

  2. Great wallpaper!


  3. Oh! What a great idea for all your books and things!!!

  4. My mum has a vintage typsetters box mounted on the wall at their's filled with the most beautiful collection of treasures...found stones, feathers, little notes...

    I think they can be such a beautiful, and personal, addition to any home

  5. LOVE! Those little doll houses are to die for!

    Got a great giveaway for BabySpace Toddler this week!!! (I will send to you if you win!)

  6. LOVE them! I might make one for my little girl's room!

  7. Psst. I went back to my old url...

    Hope to see you there soon! xoxo

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