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posted on: Thursday, April 28, 2011


Is there anything more magical than a hideaway teepee? I think not.

the boo and the boy

Like the wardrobe to Narnia, in your wee one's eyes a play teepee or tent can be a rocket ship to the stars, an enchanted kingdom for toys, or just a safe and cosy place to hide.


They're also amazingly aesthetically appealing. Who knew a little pyramid of plain or striped cloth could add such luxurious whimsy to a wee room?

ish and chi

Remember this adorable stripy ensemble? You can nab your very own at Little Yoyo Styles. Or are you crafty? Have you made your own teepee? I used to create little cubbies for myself and once pitched an outdoor tent in the back yard then hauled all my teddies outside to sit it in with me.

The baby space preschooler took one look at these and declared he wants a tent too. Of course!


  1. We made one out of garden canes from a discount shop, curtain rings and clothesline rope. The kids helped with every stage on a very rainy day. It is now several years old and has survived lots of kids, sleepovers, funny dads and chickens. We just throw a variety of vintage sheets over it, depending on who is using it. (floral vs planets). It goes in bedroom, lounge room or garden and is huge! Now the newest toddler will inherit it to replace her change table. Best $10 we ever spent!

  2. bridget - the preschooler and I are with you!

    annie - genius! I love the idea of mixing it up with vintage sheets.

  3. ooohhhh i love me a teepee for the kiddos!

    these are gorgeous!

    and i adore those rooster {!?} mobiles too....

    melissa x

  4. i have a teepee on my wish list! i love these.

  5. I love each of these cute tents! SO perfect for kids. When I was a kid I would build tents in my room. I think I would have preferred one being made already like these!

  6. Wow, I love that top photo! These kids have incredible rooms.. Who wouldn't want to hide out in one of these awesome tents??

  7. Hello there! i just came across your blog and loved it! it's spectacular! love your great style, check out my blog and follow if you like it, i promise to do the same!

  8. Bron,
    these images make we want to be a kid again!
    so adorable!!

  9. gorgeous! i have had 'make a teepee' on my to create list for ages... maybe its a job for the school holidays. hmmm...

    Kel x

  10. Wow what beautiful rooms. We have a great range of teepees by Angel at My Table and Mocka at Denim Baby. Aveialble here

  11. I love the tent in the second you know where I can purchase one like it? Jessi

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  16. Purchasing a play tent is a really straight-forward procedure. The greater part of them are fundamentally the same and you're bound to satisfy your children with whatever tent you get. There are a couple components that you'll need to consider however. Here are a couple of things to consider.

  17. How to make a teepee is an important skill that you must learn if you are someone who loves camping and outdoor adventures. Not quite your regular tent, a teepee can hold fire inside, which is an important feature when camping during cold nights, if you ask us.

  18. Such a great list!!! We are die hard campers. I have 3 boys and they start their camping trips from 4 months old. I know really young. But they have all seriously been amazing experiences.


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