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posted on: Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Six-month-old Liam's pale eggshell blue nursery provides a calm haven for nappy changes and feeding.


The glider complete with handmade quilt by Grandma was just made for mum and bub cuddles. (And note the quirky sock monkey!)


Gentle and gender neutral with unassuming whimsical touches. Mum, Michelle, blogs all about her life as a new mum at Cherry Baby.

who lives here?
Liam, 6 months in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.

The curtains, hanging red balloon, white frames and the baskets on the shelves are all from Ikea, the quilt hanging over back of glider was made by Liam’s grandmother, most of the wooden toys are from Nova Natural Toys and the fairy tale needle point pictures were made by Michelle's aunt. The framed carriage images and red light above the glider once belonged to Liam's great grandmother.


The framed blue cow was thrifted while most of the wooden toys are from Nova Natural Toys and Crafts.

The cot and "diaper dresser” were from Ikea, the nursing chair was from Walmart (and features fabric from Ikea) while the book shelf and mid century table were from a garage sale.


The framed carriage images once belonged to Liam's great grandmother.

Michelle reupholstered the glider, sewed the pillows, made the quilt on the footstool and fashioned the bird mobile from this sewing tutorial on Spool.


baby space fave
The sweet feeding chair with hand-sewn touches, the vintage red wall light (it must make beautiful shadows!) and the sock monkey of course.

best buys
"Utilising Ikea!" revealed Michelle. "And decorating with already family owned items or DIY, oh and garage sales/thrift shops."


top tips
Michelle says, "Have fun and don’t stress about getting it all perfect before your little one arrives. If they are anything like my son the nursery will be more for looks then function in the beginning."

Thanks Michelle and Liam for sharing your space with baby space!


  1. HI, I"m so happy you're back to blogging :) Hubby and I would like to add to our family, so these images are perfectly matched to my mood these days :)

  2. I love your nursery, It's pretty but still perfect for a boy.

  3. I love this room, seriously functional with minimal fuss yet still great design. I love that wall lamp! And the cow-jumped-over-the-moon/dish-ran-away-with-the-spoon art. That is so lovely!

  4. I'm def in to the gender neutral designs, but mostly because i don't really like pink or blue :)

  5. So sweet. I really love the print of that quilt on the rocking chair. And the set up is exactly how I have it for my son. Very functional!

  6. oh my gosh sooo adorable love it!

  7. That chair looks so comfortable!

  8. love love love this room! So calming...

  9. Beautiful! I love the soothing colors, calming for mommy and baby both, I'd imagine...

  10. Such a beautiful room - just the right amount of pattern and colour to make it individual yet restful.
    Thanks for sharing

  11. Thank you Bron, for featuring our little guys nursery. I felt all warm and fuzzy reading these sweet comments too.

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