fun stuff : build a sandcastle

posted on: Friday, March 11, 2011

Ok, I know what you're thinking, 'Duh, of course it's fun to build sandcastles and we do that with our kids already'. But this is actually a picture of the baby space godmum (no, that is not me looking extremely lithe in a bikini -- those days are sadly far behind us) playing with the preschooler while I mostly laid back on my towel, drank coffee and read a book.

So, what is the moral of this post? Take best friends along to the beach to play with your kids? Play with them more and you/I too will look this awesome in a two piece? Hmm. I think it's just that it's cool to get diggy in the sand every once in a while, and if you can drag a bestie along it's double the fun. Thanks baby space bestie/godmum -- we totally dig you.

What are you all up to this weekend? Myself, I am planning to study, study, study. (And there's nothing like impending study to bring on a batch of blog posts. Does this happen to you too?)

Plus I am still sorting through the new baby space blogger emails -- am very excited about this!

Have a good one :)


  1. YOu got a cute blog! Like it a lot! ;)

  2. oh how i miss the beach. Now living approx 60ish kms away from a decent beach that you would compare to an East Coast beach we sadly don't get there as often. Sadly too gone are the days where I wear a 2 piece actually I don't think I ever really wore one...well correctly ofcourse. I would just use the top and never ever ever use the pants (in public!) I long for the days when I got to lay on the beach as now all I do is worry about the kids and then the fun part of trying to get the sand off so we can go home read here the kids actually find about 1000 ways to get sand on them so they can get back into the water to get it off!! cheeky little monkeis.

    This weekend we have a 1st Birthday and a 4th Birthday. On the plus side of living in Melbourne with a decent traveling time to a good beach is we actually have a long weekend here so maybe if the sun is out we could head to the beach on Monday! Enjoy that study ;-) x

  3. that's a great picture...i'm more like you would rather read on a towel, haha :) but...building sand castles is fun too!

  4. Hi Bron,
    A two piece...mmmh, tricky....I cover mine up with a big see through dress...not so glamorous as your bestie on the picture...
    Have a good weekend,
    Maureen x

  5. a two piece, some days are better than others. some days i'm grateful that i don't live near the beach just so that pressure is not always on :)

  6. What a fantastic photo!

    I am so ready for some beach time...

  7. That is such a sweet photo and I would love to be on a beach right now:) Have a fantastic Monday, sweetie

  8. Love love that photo. I just want to jump into the photo. Those are true and wise words.. We are hoping to hook up with friends we made last year at the beach for this year's vacation too. It makes for a wonderful time x10! Hope you were able to relax with all that studying to do.. Stay safe there.

  9. I wish it was warm enough here to build some sand castles! Although, I am not sure I am quite brave enough to put on a cute two piece like your bestie. Still working on those last few lbs. Oy! I hope they'll be off by our swimsuit weather... in Chicago that would be July. ;0)

  10. Moral = get a super-hot Godmum so your photos always look styled and gorg? LOL! x

  11. V true Maxabella! He he he.

    Here you go Krystal:

  12. looove this post...tee hee.....
    i'm going with your moral to the story- although i'd love that bikini and hat...
    now i need to go check out this baby space blogger link!

    have fun studying .....
    melissa x

  13. Hi Bron,
    Lovely to come across and meet you! It is many years since I even owned a bikini- not a good look any more...and I'm with you on the study diversion via blogging. Enjoy your week. Emma.


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