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posted on: Monday, February 28, 2011


Do you love reading baby space? Would you love to be a baby space blogger too?

As I confessed last year, I have at least one too many projects going on at the moment and really need to spend some more time on studying (eep!) but I would love to keep baby space growing by adding new contributors.

I'm open to new, creative ideas and also have an established and comprehensive editorial outline -- so whatever your level of experience, whether you're a new mama or an established business owner (or both!) -- if you're obsessed with baby spaces and products then I'd love for you to drop me a line and we can talk blog.

Mamas, bloggers, writers and store owners all welcome!

Email me at


  1. Hi Bron!
    Wow, I just read your intervieuw from last year, you are a busy lady indeed! I really will think about your bloggers wanted call.(I'm also interested because I used to work at tradefairs for home interiors with a focus on childrens home accessoires and writing is a hobby of mine)
    I will sleep on it, it's getting late here, and give you an email in the morning if that's ok with you. Have a good day!
    Maureen x

  2. Thanks Maureen!

    And thanks to all the lovely bloggers that contacted me! Am very excited to read through all your emails and will get back to you with more details over the next week.

  3. Sounds so wonderful and I love that photo. That map in the background looks so cool:) Happy Tuesday, my dear

  4. Okay how full is your inbox? Do I dare add to it? Let me know if you don't already have 100's of emails to read through and I can send one as well. x


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