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posted on: Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two-year-old Pancake's bold spearmint room is a treasure trove of toddler toys, books and eclectic furnishings. Mum, Jennifer, picked up the oval-framed book plate above the cot at an antique store back when she was a teenager -- just in case she had a daughter one day.

A gorgeous illustration by Jennifer adorns the stripy space.

"Many of the decorative elements were once in my animation office but seem to have found a new calling in my daughter's space," admits Jennifer. "I love a mix of bright and clean jewel tones with aging vintage heirlooms."

Bright and cheerful with a splash of vintage flair. Mum, Jennifer is a 2D animator and wanted to, "Bring the influence of forests and gardens from my lush, green home state of North Carolina."

who lives here?

Pancake (her cute nickname), 2. This was her previous room in Austin, Texas, USA.

"The vintage Schoenhut piano was passed down from Pancake's great grandmom Dessie," Jennifer explained. "The girl with a jump rope illustration is one of my own Hello Print designs, the stuffed Suzy Woodchuck was a baby shower gift that was made by the super-talented designer Anna Chambers. The vintage framed postcards are from my collection. My mother found the antique doll bed on eBay, the hot air balloon mobile is from Ikea, the lamps are from my thrifted lamp collection, the stained glass Pooh bear was a hand made gift from a friend and the lovely cross-stitch from Pancake's great aunt.

"We were very excited to find Mythic's No-VOC paint at a great homegoods store called Zinger in Austin," said Jennifer. "My incredibly sweet in-laws painted the 10 inch stripes in the middle of a hot Texas summer while I was eight months pregnant. We chose Mythic's "Garden View" and "Into the Garden".

"The cot and dresser were made by Stanley Young America (sadly quickly discontinued because the design didn't catch on), the mattress is by Naturepedic, the bookshelf by Ikea and the vintage rocking chair was my mother-in-law's that she used for her sons. The wall shelf was thrifted, the record player and stand is a Crosley reproduction and the rug was from Target."

Pancake's beloved knit cat, Tot, is her favourite.

"Aside from the wall stripes the biggest element of DIY was a Little Colorado play kitchen I found in the classified ads for $30 USD," Jennifer revealed. "I loved the beautiful plain wood but the animator in me had to brighten it up a bit. After a long search and not finding a vivid red in milk paint (I wanted to keep it non-toxic) that would still show wood grain, I went back to the same Mythic paint we had used on the walls. The representative at Zinger helped me come up with a solution -- when mixing the red paint he did not add the white base colour. This kept the paint vibrant but translucent and No-VOC! The wipeable oil cloth backsplash is tacked to the back panel and can be easily switched out for a different colour scheme. I also replaced the worn sink with a new mixing bowl."

baby space fave
The amazing striped walls and the personal keepsakes that add a unique edge to this sweet space.

best buys
While Jennifer found the play kitchen, rug, bookshelf and various thrifted toys and books to be bargains, she also discovered that borrowing from her own collections to be an inexpensive decorating solution.

A framed mermaid print from Jennifer's collection.

top tips
Jennifer says, "Painting wall stripes may be daunting, but the end result will give you your room a ton of instant decoration. The textures and colours of book spines add so much liveliness to a room so show them off! If there is a book cover you really love, use it as-is for affordable wall art that is also functional. Using items you would have in your own room will help with warmth and balance."

Thank you Jennifer and Pancake for sharing your lovely green space with baby space!


  1. Aww that is such a sweet little room...That tiny piano is just adorable:) Happy Monday, darling

  2. Love it, paint can make such a difference, super cute room, love Posie

  3. Just gorgeous! And hardly any pink, which is refreshing.

  4. love the green stripes! We have stripes similar in our dining room and I love!!!

  5. Love the green striped walls! Happy new year!

  6. such a charming decor...adore the color combo in this space!

  7. what a fun and beautiful space this is!

  8. Wow but this room has Zing! I love it. I especially love that wood kitchen! and what a bargain.. The green and red is amazing!

  9. Great feature! Love everything about the room-truly a delight for the eyes! XX

  10. Dear Bron,
    All the best for 2011! I'm so glad we met here in Blogland, I do my best to make it to Oz, hopefully this year?? Big hugs, Maureen x

  11. Hi I've just found you via Amanda (Homely One's) blog. You've got a very cool blog and that nursery is super cute! Love the green stripes!
    Janette x

  12. I love this! So cheery and cute :)

  13. Hi Bron,
    Just checking how you are doing, hope ok, all the best, Maureen x

  14. Thank you Bron for the lovely write-up of Pancake's nursery. I have been thinking of you and your Australian readership during your wonderful country's horrible crisis, it breaks my heart.

  15. You can feel the good vibe in the room.
    And nice post for pancake's room.

  16. I am always surprised with what others can come up with. Gorgeous little room.


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