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posted on: Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guest post by Miss Cinti of My Poppet

I have an 18 month old daughter named Emma, she is obsessed with books. At first I'm sure it was about the colours, then it was the challenge of turning the pages, and now she is really getting involved with the story and illustrations. She has never been rough with them, I love watching her turn the pages so delicately, but she still prefers board books, and I suppose she knows they especially for her.Here are 3 of her (and my) favourite board books.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle

A classic that has been entertaining children for 40 years. I loved this story as a child and will never get sick of the beautiful illustrations, Emma loves poking her fingers in the little holes...

Image credit
Image credit

If you are a fan of this book there are some lovely free downloads available on the Penguin website.

On the Way to Grandma's House, by Odette Ross

A lovely rhyming story by Melbourne based author and illustrator Odette Ross. Emma loves to point out the animals and make the animal sounds, and because she is obsessed with vehicles, gets her car fix on every page.

Where is the Green Sheep, by Mem Fox & Judy Horacek

Another Australian classic with melodic prose. We love pointing out all of the sheep in various funny situations. A great one to learn about colours and activities, I love that there is a sheep riding a bike in this book. Makes me chuckle every time...

Image credit

There is a cute little video here on Mem Fox's web page about the Green sheep's adventures, and also some very interesting background on how the story for the book developed.

So lovely of Bron to hand over her blog for some guest post co
llaborations, I'm really excited to get to know you all better. Which books are your and your child's favourites?


  1. I find that book incredibly adorable too...and all the kids love it:)...Such a sweet post! Wish you both a wonderful Monday

  2. Great reads! I need to update my kid's reading material, these are great. Nice to meet you too Miss Cinti, wonderful guest post!

  3. My four-year old loves books, too! All of Richard Scarry's books are wonderfully illustrated and "busy", he can spend ages looking through them by himself! He's starting to get into "scary" stories, too, these days :-)

  4. My all-time favorite book (even now in my mid-20s) = the very hungry caterpillar.

  5. I need to find those last two! I have never heard of those! We are a huge fan of Dr. Seuss here!

  6. These are so classic =) I can't wait to start building a library for my future kids- I definitely need to save this link!

  7. Eeek The Hungry Caterpillar is my most favourite book ever from when I was little and I'm so glad it's grown in popularity over the last year or two. Such a talented artist and story teller!

  8. I also have a daughter called Emma (2 1/2) you loves to poke her finger into the holes that the caterpillar has made... a great classic book!

    I stumbled upon your blog via Steph's Mon Petit Poppet.... your blog is lovely!

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