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posted on: Friday, October 29, 2010

Are you celebrating Halloween this Sunday?

This time last year we were in the States where they do it BIG...but I think the tradition is catching on here too. Aussie mamas -- do you agree?

The kids made their trick-or-treat bags by colouring in a jack-o'-lantern and pasting it to a plain paper bag. You can download the colouring-in page here if you'd like.

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Halloween!

Ready for Christmas shopping? If you're in Sydney you might like to catch the lovely Mathilda's Market on in Paddington tomorrow.


  1. Oh that looks like fun! I don't know if we will do anything for halloween yet, but I would like to start a new family tradition this year!

  2. It's so much fun for kids! Any holiday is a good excuse for games!

  3. Great job kids! And mom too. : ) I didn't know it wasn't that celebrated in Australia. It's pretty big here in Canada too. We've had our decorations up for almost a month and today, my kid gets to wear a costume to school. She's pretty excited as she has to wear a uniform every day. : ) Have a happy halloweeen!

  4. homemade bags! nice :)

    (of course i remember kriss kross!! ahaha, it's been in my head since I wrote that :p i also loved backwards day at school so i could dress like them)
    it's fun that you entered..good luck ;);)

  5. Well as you can imagine we are in full Halloween mode here in Chicago! We are going trick or treating tonight "across the street" since that town is doing theirs tonight- then AGAIN Sunday when our town in celebrating... we will have about 150-200 kids coming to our door announcing 'trick or treat' i need to stop eating all the candy so we have enough to hand out! Ha!

  6. LOVE THIS!!!! Homemade bag, yay!!!!!

  7. I can't believe how big Halloween has become here in the states. It seems as big as Christmas sometimes! I will always love Christmas more though!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  8. such fun and excitement...we are having a little afternoon bbq with friends!

  9. halloween always makes me want to have a lil kid to dress up and take trick or treating, I cant wait!

    happy halloween!


  10. Hi Bron,
    Happy Halloween! Enjoy the weekend! Maureen

  11. so lovely pics here. happy halloween!


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