fun stuff : make a gingerbread house

posted on: Friday, December 10, 2010


This weekend we're making our first gingerbread house ever (well, putting together a kit). The Baby Space toddler and teen's faces when I showed them the cute kit box was priceless. Huge eyes and happy smiles. Hmm. Perhaps I need to 'bake' with them more often! So okay, it won't be as fancy as some of these lovely creations...


but I think they'll totally love drizzling on sugary icing and arranging mints and rainbow drops. I nabbed the gingerbread house kit from our local Coles supermarket for $14.95 AUD but if you're feeling industrious you might like this fun gingerbread house recipe.


Do you have any delicious Christmas kit making/baking planned?

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I cannot wait to hear how it goes! You better post pictures! We baked some cookies last weekend with Stella- was a ton of fun she was totally into it to say the least. I wish I had a bit more energy to go all out this year, but alas with Ruby "weighing me down" we are going to have to wait until next year to really go all out. Let me know what works and I'll put it on the to-do for next year!

  2. How fun! I just made one from a kit yesterday! I was thinking about doing a gingerbread house post :)
    Have fun making yours!!

  3. Awww, that's so adorable. Looks like a fun activity too.

  4. That sounds like a grand plan Bron! Kudos to you for even going for it. lol. Do we get to see the end results? I did see the kit at our local grocers too but.. hm, didn't think I could live up to the box photo. Maybe I should give it a go with my little girl? Hm..
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  5. They look great ... I haven't seen a gingerbread kit at Coles ... thanks for the tip!

  6. Thanks everyone! The teen and toddler LOVED decorating the house but it wasn't without a wee bit of drama -- just after we took this snap: the roof started to separate and fall off :)

  7. Wow those look so adorable:) I love to make one this year too:)
    Happy Monday,sweetie


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