one for me please : mini knapsack

posted on: Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One sunny 'at home day' (aka a non-office/daycare day) the Baby Space toddler and I packed a snack and meandered down to our local park. We're a bit in love with our local park. We're also a bit in love with his mini Mooo bag.

No sooner had we settled beside the pond than the giant ducks (or are they geese? Do you have a working knowledge of fowl? Can you clarify?) started to waddle in our direction. The toddler, obviously entranced by their Jemima Puddle-Duck sans clothes style, scurried down to the water to share his snack. I guess they grabbed at that cookie pretty quickly because this is what happened next.

The toddler dropped the cookie like a hot potato and ran back screaming, "DON'T EAT ME, DUCKS!"

Ah, the ways.

I'd like to thank the giant ducks/geese for the laugh and thank Mooo for the handy knapsack. If you like the look of it too (the knapsack, not the fowl) you can join their club and put yourself in the draw to win one of the 50 $100 vouchers they are giving out every day till the end of September. Sahweet!


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