my favourite and my best : eco dollhouse

posted on: Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eco Home by Plan Toys, on sale for approx $95 AUD or $90 USD from Amelie's room.

nie tylko dzieciaki

Eco Doll House by Plan Toys, approx, $359 AUD or $340 USD from Send A Toy.


  1. These are great- thank you! I think I have Tate's christmas gift now:)

  2. Bron- thought you might like this nursery too. I saw it last week on Design Mom.

  3. Love, love, love the eco dollhouses! Such a great find..

  4. These are beauties! I've just pulled the dollhouse I had as a child out of my parents garage and I'm planning a remodel for the little person.

  5. Those are really really cute.
    But a little expensive, no?

  6. that eco dollhouse is so cute, totally something i'd want for my (future) kids :)
    hope you are doing well!!!

  7. I know! I love those- watch Zulily, Guilt & The Mini Social as they have been on all three selling those houses and accessories for 1/2 the retail price! Not joking- but they sell out FAST!


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