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posted on: Thursday, September 23, 2010

selina lake
nie tylko dzieciaki
my scandinavian retreat

Once upon a time second hand meant second best. But as we increasingly become more conscious about the size of our carbon footprint, many of us are finding new old ways to decorate our wee ones' corners. Scouring second hand stores like Salvos and Vinnies (if you're in Oz land) can even be like going on a mini treasure hunt. (I know, spoken like a true thrifter!) And often mixing up some preloved with high end wares is the ticket to a unique space that's also affordable. So, do you feel the prelove too? Any favourite haunts for goodies? Do tell!

Thanks to Pepper Stitches for the heads up on Nothing New Month.


  1. I have to say that I love all the images..That cute second bad is adorable:)
    Thank you so much for your sweet commnet:) Made my day! You are so lovely:)
    Kisses my dear

    Ps: I am hosting a GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in :)!!!

  2. each town here has a second hand store - i LOVE them. it's all nice things that are left behind in houses when people move. sigh. my favorite thing to do :)

  3. I sincerely hope someone comments about a great source for vintage/pre-loved/second hand in Sydney, because I am yet to find one myself. We semi-frequently attend markets in Toukley where a few gems shine among the junk.

  4. I love the vintage charm about these spaces. So cute!

  5. i couldn't agree more - my preferred style is definitely mixing new with vintage...and that applies to my home and wardrobe!

  6. I love the vintage feel to these, but it is still a fresh new style. BEAUTIFUL room.

  7. I love the distressed look of these, and then when baby gets a little bit bigger (and more destructive!), it doesn't matter! XX!

  8. I agree with everyone above. Vintage yet still fresh. Love!

  9. I love that second room - the decorative bed and bookshelves are such lovely pieces.

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