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posted on: Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oliver's favourite part of the room is his bottom bunk bed - he loves that it doubles as a cubby.

Indiana Jones style hats flank a framed map of the London Underground adding an air of adventure to the brothers' space.

Nostalgic and adventurous with a distinct air of traditional 'boy'. Mum, Clare from Lulu Carter, is a Sydney textile artist who used her talents to create many of the items in her sons' cosy room.

who lives here?
Henry 8 and Oliver 7 (today! Happy Birthday Oliver) in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

The well-placed wall map is actually framed wrapping paper and the bunk sheets are from Cath Kidston. The boys also have a solid collection of classic Lego in the mix (Henry's favourite).

As she has a penchant for adding colourful items, Clare chose Dulux paint in Natural White to provide a fresh backdrop.

Clare bought the bunks from Ikea and completed them with a coat of paint. The bookcase is also from Ikea and the oak sideboard was a market find from Clare's student days.

Clare did, "lots of painting and sewing!" to complete the boys' room including making the curtains, bunting, quilts and blankets.

Little Lulu is one of Clare's creations that can be bought at her Etsy store, Lulu Carter.

best buys
Clare pointed out that framing wrapping paper is a quick artwork solution that is also versatile. "For ages the boys had retro robots (in the frame) but they love the tube map - they can see where they used to travel with their aunt who lives in London."

baby space fave
The gorgeous vintage-inspired material curtain strung up along the bottom bunk - it's a lovely cosy detail that also allows a bit of privacy in a shared space.

top tips
Clare says, "Don't try and stick to a 'look' too much. I love the images we see in magazines but they don't suit me or our home so although I pour over them I really tend to just do what I like. Everything has to have a purpose and be loved or there is no room for it. And (I recommend) colour - lots and lots of colour!"


  1. Hi Bron,
    I believe that it is already a new morning for you, while I'm sitting here in pj's on my way to bed. I still think it's amazing to have contact with people on the other side of the world! We are moving to another place soon and the framed tube gave me an idea, so thanks for this. Hope you have a good Tuesday, Night!

  2. i looove the little lights in the bunk bed :) so cute!

  3. Great photography on these. That desk is fantastic! And so is that map.. I'm not a boy but if I were, I'd love this room!

  4. love these images, Bron! such sweet bunk beds...

  5. What a fabulous space! Dying over the sweet little lanterns!

  6. I love the first photo, that colourful bunting is just perfect!

  7. I love this room, it has giving me tones of ideas for decorating my youngest two's shared room.

  8. What a sweet sweet room! My four year old son is obsessed with Indiana Jones, and wears those hats as well! :)

  9. such a darling room!
    Love the framed maps~ socharming!!


  10. "Don't try and stick to a 'look' too much" Good advice!! :)

  11. That room is filled with so much character and personality! I love all the little details.

  12. Bron, this is such a fantastic place. It's gorgeous to look at and it's practical too - very refreshing. I'm tired of seeing 'inspirational' kids' spaces that you just know are so unkiddy that they'd drive you nuts in five seconds. Love your work. x

  13. This is my kind of room. Fun, colourful and child friendly!! Love all the little details, especially the quilt!


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