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posted on: Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"My favourite thing is the sitting area," Mum, Marianne, revealed. "Great for night feeding. We bought the the Egmont Rabbit Lamp which provides a soft light; it creates a very calm atmosphere. Our other favourite thing is of course our precious baby boy!"

The quirky rabbit lamp came from Marianne's local store in Nantes, France but it can also be bought online at Little Fashion Gallery.

While Marianne was creating a haven her for her new baby, she was restricted that as a renter she couldn't choose the wall colour. Her choice of bunting and curtains prove that swags of bright fabrics can make all the difference.

As Marianne didn't know if she was having a boy or a girl she decided to create a gender neutral decor that suited her tastes, pointing out, "The decor is mostly for the adults eyes - I don’t think the baby cares too much in the beginning."

Gentle and warm with cool quirky details. Mum, Marianne from A brand new baby and Noces de coton wanted, " A summer/breezy look, with bright colours - aqua, green and a pop of orange - and a touch of glamour with golden accents. We really like how it all turned out. "

who lives here?
Arthur, 8 weeks (as of tommorow!) in Nantes, France.

To create Arthur's space Marianne used a lot of thrifted items such as the dresser and rocking horse. New items include the orange curtains from Ikea and fabric for the bedding and bunting from fabricworm and QuiltHome. Marianne also added loved toys from her and her husband's childhoods.

The cot, shelves, bookcase and the armchair (that was previously used in their den) all come from Ikea. The side table and dresser/change table were second hand buys. Marianne revealed that for the moment they aren't using the change table and instead change Arthur in the bathroom.

Beautiful new mama Marianne and baby Arthur.

Marianne put together most of the decor herself including the fabric bunting, cot bedding, turquoise chalkboard side table, paper pom poms, the canvas above the dresser, the lampshade, family puzzle block, cardboard deer head, rocking horse, baby blanket and bird mobile.

best buys
Marianne loves the rocking horse and nabbed it for only 4 €. The side table was also a bargain at 10€. She also pointed out that Ikea is a money saver. "By buying your main furniture items at Ikea you can then spend more money on other items, like fabric for example."

baby space fave
The Egmont Rabbit Lamp. Cannot go past a quirky bunny!

top tips
Marianne says, "My main advice would be to get neutral furniture and to have fun with fabric and accessories. It will allow you to easily adapt your decor according to the baby’s sex and the season. Also, I’m not a fan of most baby decor items you can find in baby stores - I’m not sure you need to have a 100% Disney inspired look ('Cars' or 'Dora' etc). And don’t forget about storage: this little thing comes with tons of clothes and other baby stuff! My one month old doesn’t really care for toys right now – unless it provides milk! But it’ll be different in a few months, and I might want to hide everything in cute baskets."


  1. Wow, these walls are so pretty! I never thought I was a fan of peach, but I am really loving this.

    xo M

  2. such a cute room. i looove the rug.

  3. She did a superb job. I love everything; the lamp, the bunting the colour of the curtains etc. Baby Arthur is adorable and mom looks great too!

  4. what an awesome room! I've shared your blog with all my mommy friends, and we absolutely adore it! please keep the inspiration coming :)

  5. Lovely! You'd never know the wall colour wasn't what they chose.. I am loving everything but especially that bunny lamp! So airy, spacious and light. And what a gorgeous little baby...

  6. I love everything about that room! I wish I could recreate it for my nursery! That seating area is ingenious!

  7. I love this!! The colors are so happy. I really love that bunting too! Great room!

  8. That is so pretty! I really like the color, its so warm and calming, just perfect for a baby really...why dont people use it more often?

  9. Gorgeous. I love the bunting used and the bright colors. You right, it makes a huge difference! I also like the little forrest animals (like the lovable lamp) that make it very child like. It's such an adorable room!


  10. I love this room. And I've had a sneak peak at her blog and its full of great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh my goodness, this is TOO cute!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! = ) I love yours!

  12. those pictures are amazing!! and i just adore that light up rabbit :-)

  13. That is a beautiful room and I absolutely love the little rabbit lamp.


  14. This is a gorgeous nursery - I love the colours used.


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