room for baby : paradise found

posted on: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mum, Lisa, wanted a wallpaper that was, "magical and full of life." And explained that, "every evening before Mika falls asleep we say goodnight to all the flowers, birds, fish and butterflies. This is really something he enjoys. It is important for me that Mika looks at something positive and happy before he goes to sleep."

Orderly, eclectic and whimsical. Mum, designer and illustrator, Lisa Grue, wanted a room that had a positive feel about it.

who lives here?
Mika, 2 years old in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The cot is a Kili from Danish label Sebra, the chair is from Ikea, the blue back pack is from Fjäll Räven and the blanket draped over the cot was handmade by Mika's grandmother.

When pregnant with Mika, Lisa and her husband found $200 on the street and decided to put it towards something for their new arrival. Lisa loved and admired the illustrations of Josef Frank and decided on the 'Paradise' wallpaper for Mika's room and the living area.

Lisa's artwork in the dining area.

Mika's room had previously functioned as Lisa's work space so they renovated to make it suitable. Lisa says it's a work in progress and their next project is to add an elaborate train setup with playthings from Brio. "We have just been to Brio Toy Museum Lekoseum in Osby in Sweden - now we are so inspired to make a train universe in Mika's room!"

best buys
Lisa loves the online shop Natursutten where she recently bought the mobile owl tree for Mika's room.

baby space fave
The balance Lisa has achieved. Such a busy paper could be overwhelming but with a true artist's eye Lisa has teamed an adventurous pattern with simple lines in the furnishings resulting in an interior space that is intriguing, sophisticated and fun.

Is that the influence of Frank we spy in Lisa's original artwork? You can purchase this whimsical print at Lisa's online store.

top tips
Lisa says, "Try to make the room magical, positive and personal, and I love to have things handmade by others - they often add a loving atmosphere to your child's room. Also try to make the room a space you would like to spend a lot of time in, you could put a good armchair. Then you also have a good spot where you can sit and read some good books or just drink tea, while your child is playing".


  1. I fell in love with this house when i saw it on designsponge. I'm happy you featured it today. I love the whimsy, the various textures throughout, the colours; everything! Mika's room is so beautiful too.

  2. It's very magical, I love it!

  3. It's amazing I'd love to be able to create a room like this for my kids in the future.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. oh this is gorgeous! there is something wonderful about wallpaper - LOVE IT!!!

    kel xx

  5. I love it that they say goodnight to all the little animals and flowers, so very cute!

  6. that is seriously a delicious room. love it. and love your blog. i'm inspired!

  7. oh I am so glad you stopped by my blog. Yours is right up my alley..
    So fun! Look forward to following!

  8. that wallpaper is rather magical.

  9. That is beyond darling. Love the wallpaper!

  10. lovey lovey lovey. perfect wallpaper for a child's room!


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