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posted on: Thursday, August 19, 2010



nie tylko dzieciaki

As previously mentioned I'm a bit obsessed with the idea of somehow getting a tree into the Baby Space nursery. I loved Lauren and Emily's skilfully executed paintings but am unsure if I have the same steady hand to achieve such artistic brilliance (to say nothing of the fact that we rent and the owner may take unkindly to find a tree sprouting where once a tree was not). So the appeal of the removable tree speaks quite loudly to me. Sure, I may wander down the mural painting road yet, but for now I am quite swayed by something cute and easy like this or this.

Are you too bitten by the tree hugger bug? If so you are in luck! Remember we are giving away some fabulous fabric wall stickers from Mooo which could add up to a significant proportion of tree! (Or an entire portion of flowers, butterflies, birds etc.)

But that aside, if you were a tree lover like me, and unable to enter your own giveaway - boo would you dive into the paint or go the removable route?


  1. Personally, I don't see the big deal about painting rentals. As long as you return it to its original state when you leave I say go ahead and paint your mural - I'd personally love to see that post.

  2. These are all beautiful! I love to paint, well paint walls not like a tree or something like that:-). I would use the wall decals because they have such authentic looking ones, and i tend to change the look of things often. The decals lend themselves to a bit more flexibility for someone like me who would just change the look of a room on a whim.

  3. I need the babble one for Ruby's nursery!

  4. Oh that last piccie is divine! I think I might just paint one on poppet's wall!! Hope you have a gorgeous weekend :)

  5. that first one is hands-down my favorite! Absolutely love the look of those vintagey leaves. So perfect for a little-one!

  6. omg I love that first photo!!! <3


  7. love these photos... very cute!!! have a nice sunday!

  8. I absolutely love that first one!
    Fantastic ideas:)


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