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posted on: Friday, August 6, 2010

Today's Friday fun idea is actually Ashley Ann's fun idea. You're probably familiar with Ashley from her amazing blog, Under the Sycamore. When her husband went to work in Haiti earlier this year, her kids wanted to make something to give to some of the kids there. This is what they made:

Little covered notebooks with crayons attached at back. Her eldest also wanted to give his special 100 day hat from school. It was thusly named as the kids put one sticker on their hat each day for the first 100 days and then they had a class party.

How cool is this?! So we're going to take inspiration and make some little things for other kids too. Maybe not exactly the notebooks but similar. Why? It's fun to work on, and if you have biggies they really love the feeling of helping and giving. But if you're interested in the notebook-making be sure to check out the original post here as I have not done it justice.

And - drum roll please - today is also the day the winner of the Childrens Lighting giveaway is announced. Congratulations Missy Minzy! She said about the lights, "They are all so cute and colorful. Eee Ore has my special vote. It is a good gift for both boys and girls. I believe the design and shape of Eee Ore will put a big smile on my 8 weeks old daughter's chubby face." Consider her face smiley.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Cute! I love the crayons attached to the back! What a fun idea! I just adore your blog. It has the best ideas and you display them so well.


    p.s. be sure to check out my giveaway when you get the chance :)

  2. I love the crayons and notebooks being attached to the wall! So cute.

  3. What a thoughtful and beautiful way to contribute! Those hat photos really made me smile. What a cool idea and something that, especially for kids, is a great gift. This is why I love this blog, I'm always inspired and love the fact that you feature other bloggers as well! Have a super terrific weekend!

  4. How sweet! Love those little notebooks.

  5. What a clever idea! I love the hats! XO!

  6. I love the crayon idea - it'd be perfect for gift bags! x

  7. Fabulous idea! the crayons and notebooks looks so cool.

  8. Cute idea! I love it! This would be great for one of my niece's birthday parties as a favor.

  9. what a cute idea :D

    thanks for visiting! you have a lovely blog!

  10. oh and i loved reality bites too! but edward scissorhands was my fave with winona AND johnny :D


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