room for kids : sorbet stage

posted on: Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mum, Hayley, and kids Keely and Taj call their green and pink Bilibo chairs 'pods'. Says, Hayley, "The kids love to use them as seats to read their books or for me to pull them around on the carpet."

The trio of vintage fabric cranes hanging above the reading corner symbolise the family. Hayley refers to them as, "Mumma bird, Keely bird and Taj bird."

Functional and playful. Mum, Hayley from Little Pinwheel, has made the most of a small space for two with minimal clutter, plenty of storage and cheerful dessert tones.

who lives here?
Keely 4.5 and Taj 21 months on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Hayley has chosen bright raspberry red curtains for the windows and matching Boodalee Castle quilt covers in shades of pink and blue from The Little Kidz Closet for Keely's bed and trundle. The hanging vintage fabric cranes -Hayley's favourite- are from Pulp Creative Paper.

wall paint
Hayley used, "the whitest white you can get!" explaining that she likes to have a clear canvas to work from to create the kids' space.

The beds are from Tree House; Hayley bought them knowing that she wanted Taj and Keely's beds to match and she loves that Keely's bed has a trundle so that she can have sleepovers with friends when she's older. Hayley has also employed a low cube storage unit in white for toys and books and positioned a lovely Harry Bertoia chair in the reading corner.

About six years ago the yellow paint and wallpaper and pinky-peach carpeting were replaced with the new neutral carpet and white wall paint.

best buys
The Harry Bertoia chairs (only one pictured above). Hayley says, "They are the real deal! Not only am I in love, but they were also a bargain. All it took was them to be recoated and they look brand new again."

baby space fave
The utilisation of trundle beds and smart storage to make the most of a small space - ingenious.

top tips
Hayley says, "Don't be scared to use colour and a lot of it. A rainbow looks beautiful with all the colours and so can a child's room. It is also nice to use some of their toys as focus points by keeping them on display. Buy a good storage system so you can store their toys away to reduce clutter and in turn give them more space to play. A trundle bed, or bunk beds are great when your children are ready for big beds as they give you a lot more room to design an area that your children will love spend time in."


  1. Oh how adorable! I love their room so much! Especially the family of birds. How adorable!


  2. I love love that trundle bed! Especially with that gorgeous quilt on them. Those bilibo seats are fun! How sweet is that bottom sibling photo?? Is Taj named after Taj Burrows by any chance?? : )


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