one for (him) please : basketball fever

posted on: Thursday, July 8, 2010

There's a birthday in the Baby Space house! Yes, as of this weekend my first baby will be a teenager. No, I can't believe it. He's the most amazing eldest son a mother could ever hope for (of course I would say this but truly - he's awesome) and he happens to be crazy about basketball. Seriously, the kid trains for nearly six hours a week and plays two games, for two different teams every weekend. So for the new Baby Space teenager, here is what is probably his dream room:

He has confirmed that this is close to his dream room, but his dream room would have multi-levels that move. Hmm. Happy birthday first born, I am so very proud to be your Mum.

decor details
The sturdy structure was custom-made to have a loft space above and a bed below. Built-in shelves stand ready for school supplies, trophies or treasures and a TV screen has been installed in the corner. The bed linen is from DKNY and the basketball cushion is from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. The wallpaper behind the shelves is in Wavy Stripe by Innovations in Glacier and the curtains and pelmets were made with fabric from Old World Weavers while the floor is covered in Checkered Past FLOR carpet tiles in blue.

nesting newbies


  1. That is one fab room! I cannot believe you have a teen! crazy!

  2. Bonne FĂȘte - Happy Birthday dude!! What's his favourite basketball team/player? He is one dedicated basketball player.. Love that room, think I could spend all day there as well. : )
    btw: Are you old enough to have a teenager as a kid?!

  3. Chantale - his fave team is the Lakers and says his fave players are equally Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.
    re: am I old enough? I think...probably not;P

  4. Happy birthday first born! Let me know how you go with the multi-level moving room... a basketball prodigy and creative genius in one kid - you're very lucky! ;o)

  5. Aww got to love a Mother with so much love for her baby boy! Im the same about my first born who is turning 10 this year OMG don't know where the years have gone? My first born also loves basketball too and would be well impressed too with this bedroom or equally impressed with one that has multi-level moving room too =-D


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