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posted on: Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last week we took a look at Riley's room. This week, Riley's mum, Beshka, tells us about her son's room and her decorating inspirations.

A budding navigator's space. Mum, Beshka was inspired by Logan's love of all transport and travel. Apart from colour, one of the main considerations in both rooms was layout - the rooms had to be wheelchair accessible for their dad.

who lives here?
Logan, 7 in San Antonia, Texas, USA.

The maps on the walls all came from Beshka's cupboard - her husband is retired military and everywhere they went their first stop was to pick up a map! She did find herself a couple of maps short so picked up a US map and a world map from Barnes and Noble. The planet mobile was from Etsy and the curtains and bedspread were from the Pottery Barn.

Siblings and pals, Logan and Riley.

The bookshelves and bed were picked up from Pottery Barn Kids and the bed from Pottery Barn Teen. Beshka pointed out that the bed is particularly conducive to bed-making as it is conveniently on wheels.

Beshka tacked up the maps - a task she found much easier than painting!

best buys
The bed was a steal at $199 USD (on clearance) including delivery and set up. The use of the maps were also a bargain; Beshka tacked them up with tiny fishing nails that cost less than $1.00 USD.

baby space fave
The maps. A great alternative to wallpaper or a feature wall. Aesthetically pleasing and educational.

top tip
"Keep an extra stash of maps because they do tend to get ripped and mistreated, especially in a boy's room!"


  1. I love that map wall! Also a great idea for a playroom..

  2. I am digging the blue camo bedsheet! those are a great addition to the theme.

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