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posted on: Thursday, June 3, 2010

An eclectic gathering of embroidery circles provide baby Archie with a gentle visual treat.

Mum, Michelle, creatively collected Archie's toy treasures at garage sales, op shops and markets.

Framed pages from a Little Golden Book spell out Archie's name.

Tailored, vintage, crafty and calm.

who lives here?
Archie, 13 months in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

The picture frames were from Target and the embroidery hoops from Spotlight. Michelle filled the hoops with fabric sourced from Etsy and Ikea. The three tree canvases were also covered in Ikea fabric. The baskets under the change table were $50 AUD each from Ikea, the baskets in the bookshelf were from Kmart. Some of the toys were gifts but most (not all pictured here) were from second hand markets such as babykidsmarket and prelovedmarkets.

The white walls are painted in Dulux Whisper White and the green feature wall was made by taking a swatch from Bunnings that was matched by Porter's Paints, as Michelle wanted a lox-toxicity paint.

The cot and change table came in a package from Toys R Us and the shelving unit was $60 AUD from Kmart.

Some glow-in-the-dark stickers needed to be removed from the ceiling and Michelle painted the feature wall. She also made the embroidery hoops, trio of tree canvases and the framed Little Golden Book letters. Everything else was ready to go as the room had previously belonged to Archie's big brother.

best buys
The cot and change table that came in a package for $300 AUD, and the toys that were purchased from just $2 AUD!

baby space fave
The deep sage green feature wall and framed Little Golden Book pages spelling out Archie's name - fun, cute and classic.

top tips
Michelle says, "Don't think everything has to be matching to create a beautiful room - eclectic styles are so interesting! Shop around - both online and in stores - there is so much out there. If you're unsure of what your style is, have a look at sites like ohdeedoh or search for nurseries and children's bedrooms on flickr and you'll soon find that you gravitate towards certain styles, themes and colour schemes."

Photography by Lisa Nankervis.


  1. LOVE those framed pages from the Golden Books! I love things like this, so unique and clever! XO!

  2. I too LOVE the framed pages from the Golden Books! I also love the wallpaper/paper on the back of the bookcases- I just did it in my dining room. Such a small thing adds so much. Now I think I am going to do the same for Stella's bookcases in her room. Thanks for the idea!

  3. The Golden Book pages are great aren't they? I also love the idea of framing illustrated pages from fave children's books for the kid's rooms...or any room :)

  4. love this room and the idea of wallpaper on the back of a bookshelf!


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