one for me please : magic tree house room

posted on: Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When I was little I used to lie in bed at night and dream up different rooms and houses. They usually had themes and were highly colour coordinated and elaborate. One room was a rabbit themed room. Not a room full of rabbits, but a room for a rabbit. Well, for a child pretending to be a rabbit. A child-rabbit hybrid if you will. With a burrow type entry instead of a door and a slippery dip for sliding into the room (clearly I hadn't figured out the logistics of how one could slide down into something that was already at ground level).

Another room was a pink glitter room inspired by a sparkly pink glitter ball and pink water glitter wand. One house was a Mickey Mouse themed get the idea. I couldn't understand why grownups all wanted their houses to be similar colours, shapes and sizes. How boring!

If I hadn't finished 'designing' a room or a house by the time I fell asleep (I usually hadn't) then I continued designing it the next night. Fast forward 20 + years and I discover:

A fantastical interior creation from Kidtropolis. The Magic Tree House room!

With an indoor swing hanging from the tree by the TV and storage units.

And extra drawers to provide storage below the timber play area.

Handy metal buckets masquerading as vegetable pails that can be used for storing pencils and other art equipment by the craft table.

A kid's very own theme park. Straight out of my childhood imagination.



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