one for me please : alphabet soup

posted on: Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The resident Baby Space toddler is just over two and a half years old. In terms of his language development he's at a really fun age where he's talking, singing and starting to make up his own stories and songs. But even if he wasn't a chatty little chap I think this crazy colourful bag of felt letters would be a hit! Wee ones can dive into a tactile experience that encourages imaginative play and early literacy with an all-round sensory and cognitive feast. Grouping like colours into teams is a great game for colour recognition, and preschoolers love to hunt for 'their letters' to spell out their own name.

The Baby Space toddler's latest obsession is asking other people their names and then telling them his. Not just his first name - his whole name. It's 29 letters long. We may need a few bags.

Alphabet Soup approx $36 USD or $42 AUD from Evgie on Etsy.


  1. Those are awesome letters! The Baby Space toddler is adorably cute! I love it when they just keep blabbing away in that tiny cute voice. He's my kind of kiddo!

  2. Adorable! I am loving felt lately, it's gotten so popular, and it's sooo cute (and durable!). XO!

  3. Love these letters! What a great gift idea too! My oldest is 4 and she would love these too!


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