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posted on: Monday, May 17, 2010

Sebastian's walls are adorned with canvases he painted himself.

A tiny timber vintage chair and table are joined by a small wooden shelf painted turquoise by Mum, Rachel.

vintage storybook in ocean and earth tones.

who lives here?
Sebastian, nearly 4, in Missouri, USA.

Sebastian is lucky to come from a line of talented crafts people; his cosy bed quilt was made by his great grandmother and his pillows were made by Rachel.

The blue rug under the bed is from Urban Outfitters. The tugboat print is from BoyGirlParty and the felt octopus is from Wonder Thunder.

Rachel found the low timber bed on craigslist. The sweet vintage desk and chair were bought in California and the turquoise shelf was bought from Hobby Lobby.

baby space fave
The child-sized wooden desk and chairs with the vintage black telephone - such a simple and inviting arrangement reminiscent of 1970s playrooms.

top tips
Rachel advises, "If you have the time to create a strong vision for what you want before you have to put it together, you'll be able to gather things you love rather than filling it with pieces you don't. Think about the potential in pieces you already have that might lend themselves to a clever storage solution...If you can't paint your nursery, use colour in the accessories. You can easily add colour with handmade pieces such as bunting across a wall, pillows on the floor or tote bags on the door handles that might hold a few extra books."

Sebastian now shares his room with his baby sister, Ruby. To see how Rachel has adapted the room for two, check it out here.

ohdeedoh and smile and wave


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