room for baby : one warm winter

posted on: Thursday, May 13, 2010

The serene faced fox and owl were key items that inspired the overall nursery theme.

Mum, Lauren, painted the tree and used soft grey fabric to fashion the leaves.

Serene, sophisticated, whimsical and fresh.

who lives here?
Violet, who is a mere three days old, in the USA.

The curtains are from Urban Outfitters, the lamp is from Ikea, the cot bumper is from RockyTop Design and the V on the wall is from Anthropologie. The silver owl on the dresser was a gift, as were the fox and owl in the cot.

Originally bright orange, Lauren and her husband painted the attic room grey and added white trim. When it came to the floor they ripped out the old vinyl covering and replaced it with timber floorboards. Lauren also painted the tree on the wall and revamped the oak dresser by painting the frame white and adding new drawer knobs.

Lauren bought the white cot from Babies R Us, the rocker from a garage sale and the oak dresser was a hand-me-down.

best buys
The soft striped rocker that Lauren picked up at a garage sale for only $5 USD. Bargain!

baby space fave
The painted tree and the soft toy critters - a few key features that add playful character without detracting from the overall calm quality of the space.

top tips
Start with an idea board and a budget to hone your focus. Lauren set a budget of $1000 USD and came in at $885.47 USD. You can get your own idea board made by Lauren for only $10 USD by ordering one at her blog.



  1. This is amazing! I am heading to Lauren's site now...

  2. She has a lovely site and records all her projects with helpful details for fellow DIY-ers :)

  3. I absolutely adore your blog. It is exquisite and you have a great writing style. Congratulations on your Demne design: you must be so proud of yourself. I have a thing about buttons too.You have such a great sense of style. I love reading your blog posts because you always give me inspiration to try something new and different - thanks for that! I vivid orange, Lauren and her husband painted the attic room grey and added white trim. last time I visit write my essay this website also awesome Honey then again has many useful nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants; uncooked honey is first-class as standard honey processing whilst it got here to the floor they ripped out the vintage vinyl covering and changed it with wooden floorboards. Lauren additionally painted the tree at the wall and made over the alright wardrobe through painting the body white and adding new drawer knobs.


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