one for me please : warm little leggys

posted on: Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Earlier this year a pal with a six month old bub asked me what I dressed the Baby Space toddler in back when he was beginning to crawl. "Oh, just the same things he wears now." I answered, forgetting that actually I decked him out in leggings bought from the girls section. Now if I'd have thought of BabyLegs then, I could have stocked up on some cute lil' leg warmer type pieces that are handy for changing nappies (don't have to take off the whole suit) as well as good for protecting those soft as freshly baked biscuit knees. I'll be grabbing a few pairs for the next time around! And Miss I, if you're reading, here's perhaps a better option for crawlers and keeping those little leggys warm.

BabyLegs from $8 USD and $8 AUD.

babylegs and babes in arms


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