room for kids : bunking in

posted on: Sunday, April 18, 2010


The Magic Faraway Tree meets Where the Wild Things Are meets Ikea.

who lives here?
Johnny, 7 and Ella, 10 in Northeast LA, California, USA.

Mum, Emily, is a prop stylist and decorator. She painted the tree and decorated it with fabric-covered cardboard birdhouses she had previously made for a display. The bed linen is made from a vintage sheet and pillows are from Ikea.

Dad, Erick, made the mini-bunk from 2x4 plywood. Originally the beds were side by side but they were transformed into bunks to allow for more play space.

baby space fave
The painted tree behind the bunks; it creates the impression of a tree house and lends an air of whimsy and magic to the room.

top tip
Both at home and at work Emily favours repainting or reupholstering what you already have before buying something new. Her motto is, "creativity before consumption".


  1. ohhhh myyyy goodness! I love this room so much! What a wonderful place for a child to imagine and play : )

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVE, love, love, LOVE that birdhouse mural!!! LOVE it!
    I posted about a mural on our bedtime tales blog today if you are interested...


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