happy easter 2014

posted on: Friday, April 18, 2014

happy easter

are you an easter fan? easter was a happy holiday when I was a kid, but these days easter is special to me because it reminds me of finding out I was pregnant first thing easter saturday morning, 2011. best easter surprise ever!

this year we're planning a pretty relaxed weekend: boardgames, easter buns. a special niece's 1st birthday party. on sunday we'll get out the baskets for the egg hunt.

what are you up to? I'd love to hear.

p.s there's been a few fun happenings in our lives lately that I look forward to sharing with you soon. eeep!

images: cake recipe from thekitchn, flower image from sullivanowen, eggs from ameblo, bunny source unknown.

toddler : at the beach

posted on: Sunday, March 16, 2014

last days of summer.

this parenting caper : going back to work part 1

posted on: Saturday, March 8, 2014

hello, friends! I've optimistically called this a 'part 1' but as I've had this post on the back-burner since last september it may be a part only. we'll see.

when I went back to out-of-home work I wasn't too sure what items would be must-haves for us. these are a few of the staples that have seen us through everyday working-mama life.

1. I quickly found my divine claudine and ash nappy bag/handbag to be indispensable but there are lots of other items that have helped the transition go smoothly...

2. my mum generously offered to care for the lady three days of the week but she needed a car seat! for her car we used the babylove ezy combo car seat c/o rock-a-bye-baby equipment hire and have found it so useful that we've just bought it. we've found it really handy to have the option to buy after hire and danni at rock-a-bye-baby is just lovely.

3. another maclaren stroller for ease-of-use between my car, my mum's car and train travel. the lady rides in the black and silver quest but I think the liberty version is adorable. florals! hello.

4. box of board books for the lady to read in the car. she has a couple of charlie and lola collections but I think she enjoys taking them in and out of the box as much as she likes flipping through them. whatever title your little one fancies may be a hit.

5. sippy cups. I like this boon fluid cup as it's slow to leak and has a unique shape.

have you ever transitioned from home to out-of-home work? what were your must-haves? I'd love to hear.

family photos : sometimes sweet

posted on: Sunday, February 16, 2014

I have a small but definite obsession with family photos and I adore these sweet shots of dani and her family from her aptly named blog, sometimes sweet taken by amy at homespun creative.

do you have professional photos taken or are you more partial to the candid snap? or perhaps you hate having your photo taken and avoid it like the plague -- what's your photographic cup of tea? I'd love to hear!

p.s our family photos taken a couple of years ago by feather + stone.

who do you look like?

posted on: Saturday, February 1, 2014

do you look like your family?

growing up in sydney as a half asian, half european child with no full siblings and no eurasian friends, I often felt like I was odd.

I wanted to look like everyone else, as most kids tend to do. light brown hair and freckles was standard in the playground. instead I had absolutely white skin and almost black hair.

but ever the resourceful child, I took it upon myself to draw freckles on my face. with texta.

a few years later, part of my wish to look like my friends came true.

due to all my '90s sydney-style suntanning* real freckles started to appear all over my face. I have them still.

and as I've gotten older I've come to embrace my almond shaped eyes, my flatter nose and my almost black, straight hair.

but I haven't lost the habit of looking for myself in other people. when I meet other eurasians I may have nothing at all else in common with them, but I still feel  a little reassured when I see them: I am not alone.

and then two years ago I gave birth to the lady. my third child. maybe she won't always look like me. but right now, after all this time, there's someone in my family that looks a lot like me. it's kinda nice.

how did you feel about your appearance when you were a kid? I'd love to hear.

* against my mum's wishes, of course. in stereotypical asian fashion she avoids the sun unless armed with a hat or umbrella, and of course has fantastic skin to show for it.

international giveaway : back to school {closed}

posted on: Monday, January 27, 2014

friends, I am a bit behind with school prep this year (not like last year. I was so ready. big school! first day! hooray!).

just quietly I think sometimes I get a bit preoccupied with my day job and forget things. for example, I forgot that school starts this week. (?!?)

we dashed out this morning before the shops had opened and were second in line outside the store (I am not the only last-minute mum, it seems) for school shoes. thankfully, I can now tick those off my list.

another thing I can tick off my list are the lady's back-to-daycare supplies because stuck on you already provided her back pack which is still in amazing, new-looking condition, and also sent over personalised shoe labels (I love these) and a super cute personalised lunch box (pictured). everything is just adorable.

and if you're a bit behind (or ahead -- northern hemisphere folk) with school prep, you're in luck. we're giving away three fab vouchers to stuck on you.

what will you win?
3 readers will each win a $50 AUD voucher for stuck on you goodies.

what do you need to do?
simply email me at: bron@babyspace.net.au and tell me, what's your fave thing about back-to-school time?

I'll pick the winners on the 3rd of february, 2014 and send the recipient an email + post the announcement on the baby space facebook page.

*stuck on you also have a 20% off storewide sale on right now, so if you can't wait to win head on over there and see if anything tickles your fancy*

good luck!

(this giveaway is open internationally)

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. thanks to all who entered!

this parenting caper : against the tide

posted on: Saturday, January 11, 2014

how were your holidays?

christmas was a while ago now but I jotted down a few wonderful whole family (all 5 of us!) moments shared this season that I want to remember forever. like visiting santa together, having a family gingerbread-house-making competition, christmas movie night, lunch with the parents and an extended family brunch where I discovered blue cheese croissants. blue cheese! buttery pastry! zomg. so good.

the two littles' reactions when we turned on the crazy festive lights on our terrace balcony.
the mister and I exchanging silent smiles as they pressed their small faces up to the glass. multicoloured twinkling delight.

the smallest cousins being old enough to play together for the first time this christmas. (so cute.)

and the evening after work and school ended for the year. coming home and throwing on our swimmers, driving down to the beach with the kids.

walking past the groups of young people partying on the grass -- the teenager was at a party himself -- eating fish and chips on the grass.

staring out over the cool, pale sand.

the kiddo and his papa paddling in the deep.

holding the lady's hands, twirling her through the water. her face beaming up at me. a huge, toothy grin.

her small seawater grip in mine.

slow deliberate steps over the rocks, the seaweed flattened beneath us, water rushing under our feet.

a million drops moving in the opposite direction.

52/52 + happy new year

posted on: Tuesday, December 31, 2013

portraits of one or more of my children, once a week, some weeks, in 2013.

her: she just turned 2! this was on her birthday.

him: playing with his sister and family friends in our backyard. he agreed that it being her birthday was almost as good as it being his ;)

so. the very last portrait in the series. when I started this blog I never planned to post about my little ones at all (as of course it started out as an interiors blog) and now here we are, 52 weeks (and more) of portraits later.

I wonder what next year will hold? what do you hope it will hold for you?

happy new year's eve friends, thank you so much for visiting me here, it means more to me than you will ever know.

wishing you all a magical 2014.

joining in with the last instalment of jodi's 52 week project


posted on: Monday, December 30, 2013

portraits of one or more of my children, once a week, some weeks, in 2013.

him: being really patient, helping his little sister build a gingerbread house.

her: leaning trustfully on her biggest brother.

him: (in the background) delighting in his own sweet creation.

we've had so much fun this holiday season. we've been together more than usual as the teenager has been home and the mister has been keen to partake in holiday silliness (like baking ninja-bread men using ninja-shaped cookie cutters). I chose this snap of our christmastime from around the 2000 that I took (I am not even joking) because I think it shows all of their current personalities in the one frame.

and also we were having a lovely afternoon! I mean, sometimes photos lie. a picture only records a split second of that given moment.

I've seen photos of my kiddos smiling, looking joyful on a day that was stressful. I've seen photos of them looking cross on occasions when they were having the best time ever.

but on this day with my family we were all having a truly wonderful time. I am so grateful to have experienced it. I hope you had a lovely christmas too, friends.

catching up with jodi's 52 week project.
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